The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, Asheville, NC, CRAFTED STRANGERS 2017

PRACTICE Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING 2017

Slow Culture Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, PDFW 2016

El Museo, San Ramon, Costa Rica, VISUAL CONVERSATIONS 2015

Crane Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA, BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE 2014

SPACE 1026 GALLERY, Philadelphia, PA, WE LIVE IN A MIRROR 2014

Ooga Booga #2, Los Angeles, CA, NEW WORK BY THE NEW DREAMZ 2013

Clocktower Gallery, NYC, NY, THE IDEA 2013

Family Gallery Los Angeles, CA, DFW GROUP SHOW 2011

Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro NC, ED'S THRILLER ANGEL TOO 2010

Black Floor Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, ISIS MONTGOMERY 2009

Live Gallery Performance

DFW2, New Dreamz Performance, Slow Culture Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2016

Performance Art Series, New Dreamz Performance, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA 2015

We Live in a Mirror, New Dreamz Performance Installation, Philadelphia PA 2014

Performance Installation, Temple University - Tyler School of Art,  Philadelphia PA 2013

DFW, THIS Gallery, New Dreamz Performance, Los Angeles CA 2013

The Idea, Clocktower Gallery, New Dreamz Performance, NYC NY 2013

Don't Stray from the Path, "Red", Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro NC 2010

30 Days Arts Festival, New Dreamz plays, NYC NY 2010

Next Art Festival, New Dreamz performance, Chicago IL 2010

The Comedy of Music and Dance, Space 1026 Gallery, Philadelphia PA 2010