THEATRE   2 Incredible 2 Dreamz, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2017  Incredible Dreamz, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2016  The Lid, BRAT Productions, Philadelphia 2015  The Idea, Clocktower Gallery, NYC 2013  Dime, No Face Theater Company, Philadelphia 2011  You Are Me, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2010   FILM   Nasty Woman, AGR Film 2016  1-7 AC, Adam Diller 2015  The Elephant Room, All Ages Productions 2014  The Burning House, Scott and Karl Productions 2014  The Cemetery, Backseat Productions 2012  Every Monster, Elsewhere Museum Collection 2010  Party in the Back, Woodshop Films 2010  Love, Philadelphia Board of Tourism 2009   WEB   The Elephant Room, All Ages Productions 2014  We Don't Need Permission, Amanda Damron 2014  Bail Out, Zia Ebrahimi Productions 2014  Feel the Lightning, Dan Decon 2014  Rockstar Guide to the Galaxy, Motorola 2009  Scrapple TV, Woodshop Films 2008  Sweatheart Sweats, Woodshop Films 2008   TELEVISION   FX Chanel, BigSmack 2014  Shadow Magic, Comcast 2011  Joke Summer School, Comcast 2011  Gross World, Comcast 2011  How to Make an American Mural, OWN 2010  Left Field, Host, Concrete Films 2008   VOICE OVER   Comcast, interactive automated voice work 2017  Remember Me, online tutorial 2012, 2013, 2014  NDCDC, internet commercial spot 2011  Radio FM, Elsewhere Museum 2010  Celebrex, industy website 2009  Jem Steak House, radio commercial spot 2008  Delaware Lottery, radio commercial spot 2008  Crossing Broad, UWISHUNU 2008  NFL Today Commercial 2007   LIVE PERFORMANCE   Night of 1,000 Stevies, NYC 2017  The New Dreamz, Slow Culture Gallery 2016  We Live in a Mirror, Philadelphia 2014  Red Bull Sound Select, Philadelphia 2014  Kelly Writer’s House Performance Series,  2014  Chair Race, Temple Contemporary 2013-2017  The Idea, Clocktower Gallery 2013  Don't Stray from the Path, "Red", Elsewhere Museum 2010  30 Days Arts Festival, NYC, comedy performance  2010  Next Art Festival, Chicago, comedy performance 2010  The Comedy of Music and Dance, comedy performer 2010  Tell Me A Story, storyteller 2010-2015  Curbside Ruckus, performance artist/dancer 2009  An Outward Explosion of an Innard, artist/actor 2009  Storytelling, First Person Arts 2009-2013  Nail Me, performance installation, PEW grant gallery 2008  Isis Montgomery, Copy Gallery 2008  Santigold, stage support, singer/dancer 2005-2008  Amanda Blank, stage support, singer/dancer 2005-2007  Sweatheart, vocal performer, 2005-2015   GALLERY SHOWS   CCCD, Asheville, NC CRAFTED STRANGERS 2017  PRACTICE Gallery, Phila. PA, MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING 2017  SLOW CULTURE, Los Angeles, CA PDFW 2016  EL MUSEO, San Ramon, Costa Rica,  VISUAL CONVERSATIONS  2015  SPACE 1026 GALLERY, Philadelphia, PA,  WE LIVE IN A MIRROR  2014  Ooga Booga #2, Los Angeles, CA,  NEW WORK/NEW DREAMZ  2013  Clocktower Gallery, NYC,  THE IDEA  2013  Family Gallery Los Angeles, CA, DFW GROUP SHOW 2012  Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro NC, ED'S THRILLER ANGEL 2010  Black Floor Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, ISIS MONTGOMERY 2008   EDUCATION AND TRAINING   New York University, Gallatin School, BA  Bryn Mawr College, Post-Baccalaureate in Performance Art and Performance Studies  Headlong Performance Institute, Neutral Mask and Clown and Commedia dell'arte  Bobbi Block, Improv Comedy Technique  Danielle Strawmeyer, Kinesthetic Movement   AWARDS   Odysseys Residency, 2015  Free Library of Philadelphia Artist Residency, 2014  Clocktower Gallery Residency 2013  Elsewhere Residency, Theater 2010  Artist Scholarship, Headlong Performance Institute 2009   
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